Vital Tools, the industry-leading manufacturer of unrivaled and patented Self-Centering Isolation and Test (SCIT) Tools for pipe alterations and tie-ins, is proud to announce an extended partnership with CLIMAX, the foremost global manufacturer of portable machining, welding, and advanced valve testing systems. Together, they have inaugurated a new Sales and Rental facility in Burns Harbor, Indiana, catering to the industrial markets and clientele in the Chicago and its surrounding areas.

The newly established location is now home to the complete range of CLIMAX portable machine tools, BORTECH auto bore welders, H&S TOOL pipe cutting and beveling products, and CALDER advanced valve testing systems, all available for sale or rent. This collaboration between CLIMAX and Vital Tools promises a local, one-stop solution for on-site industrial tools, ensuring that customers near Chicago have easy access to the highest-performing, safest, and most reliable tools in the industry.

Heath Grossi, General Manager for Vital Tools, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “The partnership and combination of CLIMAX and VITAL products will give customers near Chicago a local, one-stop-shop for portable, on-site industrial tools. Our customers know when it comes to renting the highest performing, safest, and most reliable tools, there are no other products like CLIMAX, H&S TOOL, and VITAL.”

To oversee the local operation, industry veteran Mike Martinez has been brought on board. With extensive field experience in using and supervising these tools, Mike will serve as a valuable local resource for customers in the area, offering insights and guidance on product selection.

Marci Davis, North American Sales Director for CLIMAX, commented on the thriving Industrial Energy and Petrochemical markets in the Chicago vicinity, stating, “The Industrial Energy and Petrochemical markets in the surrounding areas of Chicago are thriving right now, and our customers have been asking for a local resource and access to our equipment. We are now very well positioned to support operators and technicians who are truly serious about using the safest, most trustworthy, and highest-performing tools available, including our H&S TOOL DEFENDER™ – Remotely Controlled Pipe Cutting System.”

The new location is fully operational, with equipment ready for rental, and can be reached at the following contact details:

Phone: +1-219-916-7648 Address: 225 West Dunes Highway, Burns Harbor, IN 46304

CLIMAX, a global market leader with almost 60 years of experience in portable machining equipment, proudly manufactures all its products in the USA. Over the past 5 years, they have introduced more than 40 successful new products, including the groundbreaking CLIMAX FF5300 ID Mount Flange Facer, H&S TOOL OD Mount SPEED FACER™, and the H&S TOOL DEFENDER™ Clamshells, offering customers an impressive array of cutting-edge industrial tools.”