ENVIROSPADE Containment and Purge Solution

Patented Technology


Hydrocarbon spillage during maintenance work and turnarounds can have devastating effects on the environment, and remediation can be costly for refineries. The EnviroSpade tool creates a spill-free environment for the transfer of residual hydrocarbon waste and other toxic materials from a tank/pipe/vessel/exchanger/tower to a vacuum truck.

In the event of a leaking valve upstream, a paddle blind would block flow on both sides of your flange, creating pressure or fluid building up on one side of the flange. The EnviroSpade tool is a blind with venting capabilities, which would block flow on one side of the blind while allowing access to relieve or purge the other side of the blind.

In the event there is no valve on your pipe at the job location, the EnviroSpade tool can be installed to:

  • verify zero energy
  • vent off any pressure that has leaked by upstream valves, or
  • create an entry point for hydrotesting.

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Why You Need Vital’s EnviroSpade Containment and Purge Blind

Vital’s focus was to create a safe tool with all-around ease of use. The EnviroSpade is unique in that it offers control over both containment and purge capabilities.

Avoid costly spills
  • Time and money spent on clean-up
  • Employing costly bug farm clean-up
  • Reporting to Ministry of Environment
  • Limit Benzines released into the air
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Hook directly to a vac-truck
  • Gravity feed to a frac tank
  • Empty tanks in a fraction of the time

Generally emptying a carbon bin takes us about 4 hours. We were able to do the job within 40 minutes using Vital’s EnviroSpade.

—recent Vital Tools Client at Sarnia Refinery

The EnviroSpade tool can be used in Vapor Phase Cleaning and other cleaning applications.

Vapor Phase Cleaning is an enhanced steaming method used to speed up the decontamination process. It works by injecting a small amount of chemicals (usually less than 1%) into the steam vapor just before it enters the system. The specialized chemicals accelerate the cleaning process, target specific contaminants, and reduce overall cleaning time by as much as 60% to 70%. Vapor Phase Cleaning can be used with most types of process equipment, including reactors, columns, vessels (in general), heat exchangers, compressors, storage tanks, filters, piping, etc.


The EnviroSpade tool is installed between any two flanges in a bolted setting. Out of the bottom section of the tool is a cam lock fitting allowing for connection to a vacuum truck. The vacuum truck is connected to the EnviroSpade tool as part of the installation to ensure complete waste containment.

Envirospade Installation

Give Yourself an Advantage with Vital Tools

Protect your people, facilities and the environment by eliminating spills

Simple to Use
Our tool is used the same as any other blind, with the added ability to purge using the same tool

Eliminating hydrocarbon spills eliminates clean-up of contaminated soil and prevents the release of hydrocarbons into the air

Time Saving
Single tool for both containment and purge eliminates clean up time, as well as time spent on reporting

Cost Saving
Eliminate costly clean-ups, interactions with environmental bodies, bug farms, safety incidents and lost materials

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