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Product line: boring machines, flange facers, portable mills, valve repair systems and many other powerful precision tools. Each integrates state-of-the-art refinements based on input from thousands of customers and CLIMAX continual innovation to meet new and unprecedented demands.

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The Brunson Optical Alignment Systems are a simple and accurate way to align many CLIMAX machines. One model is made specifically for use with the CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring machine, to align 2.25 inch bearings over distances from 2 to 30 ft (609.6 – 9144 mm). It can also be used to align multiple bearings over long distances. This allows compensation for bar sag when using a long bar, or eliminating a long bar while still maintaining bores in perfect alignment.

The Brunson model 545 and 810 models can be used to precisely align many other CLIMAX models in the field.

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CLIMAX circular mills deliver fast, versatile machining to meet demanding wind tower specifications for connection flanges. Three-axis milling head adjustments allow the machinist to meet taper and flatness specifications simultaneously.

Clamshell Split-Frame Machine
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Clamshell (Split-Frame) OD Mount Machines. Sever and machine pipes from 0.625 – 86 inches (25.4 – 2184.4 mm).The H&S TOOL OD Mount Clamshell machine is a unique combination of accuracy, strength, and ease of handling. Our engineers gathered information from field operators around the world to determine the areas needing improvement over traditional designs. With that in mind, we designed a series of OD Mount Clamshell machines that provide a safer, more convenient solution for your pipe application.

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Climax offers a full line of hydraulic power units designed specifically for use with portable machine tools. Available in 230, 380, and 460 voltage models with 5, 10, 15, or 25 HP ratings to meet your specific power needs. Our Hydraulic Power Units meet current OSHA NFPA 70, NFPA 79 and European CE requirements.

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The H&S TOOL catalog of off-the-shelf tools is long and diverse – and it’s only the beginning of our business. H&S TOOL designers and engineers are second to none in applying advanced machining insights to modifying existing tools and creating totally unique solutions.

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We offer a wide variety of rugged and innovative portable flange facers for 1 to 120 inch (25 to 3050 mm) diameters, for ID or OD mounting. Several of our machines can be configured for facing, milling or both, and many of our models reface, mill, bevel, square, counterbore, or cut end-prep configurations for welding. For easy setup, smaller units use an integral mandrel to quickly lock into place, while the larger units can be installed with a separate mount or chuck to which the facer body is installed.

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For about the same cost as machining a keyway off-site, you can purchase a CLIMAX Key Mill. These two-axis and three-axis mills cut keyways, slots, pockets, or flats on shaft diameters of 1.5 to 24 inches (38 to 610 mm). They can be operated in any position, thanks to their sealed gear box lubrication.

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Our portable lathes can pay for themselves on their first job whether it’s cutting O-ring grooves, repairing turbine spindles, or fixing an out-of-round gear seat area on the shaft of a high-speed production machine. Our lathes bolt on the end of a shaft to re-turn shafts, and roll journals from 1.5 inches to 24 inches (38 to 610 mm). Some models can work in areas as tight as 7 inches (177.8 mm) of radial clearance. Pneumatic power is standard, with optional electric power available on several models.

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Our line boring machines support boring diameters from 1.375 to 80 inches (35 to 2030 mm), with the precision and speed of stationary machines. Specially designed mounting brackets, spherical bearings, self-centering setup cones, and movable rotational drive and feed units simplify setup and allow the tools to work in spaces too tight for most line boring machines. All models feature rugged rotational drive and axial feed systems, precision bars and heavy duty bearings, with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic options.

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Meridian portable milling machines are designed for a variety of on-site machining applications. Meridian milling machines are used in a variety of applications including milling, spade drilling, hole boring, drilling, valve reseating and stud removal.

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The H&S TOOL patented Multi-Prep® cutters accurately clean the tube OD and remove membrane from panel tubes. The Multi-Prep® cutters perform an outside bevel on the tube end in a single operation.

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This safe, versatile and rugged OD Mount Flange Facer can machine 7 flange types up to 36.4 inches (924.6 mm) in diameter. Designed for the rugged challenges of the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry, this machine sets a new standard in operator safety while delivering up to 30% time savings on flange facing jobs.

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CLIMAX’s automated welding machines are designed to attach directly to several of our boring machine mounting fixtures allowing a single setup for both welding and machining operations. These automated welders offer high-quality, affordable welding performance for bore, flange and valve repair.

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I.D. Mount Tube and Pipe Cutting and Machining. Working range 0.5 – 30 inches (12.7 – 762 mm). H&S TOOL offers 4 models of portable Pipe Bevelers for fabrication shop and on-site field use. Each model has a large working range with the power and accuracy to meet budget and schedule demands.

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The CALDER Valve Test System Can Grow & Evolve with YOUR Business! The lineup of CALDER advanced valve testing systems, manufactured by CLIMAX, are the most flexible and versatile systems on the market. The CALDER test system can seamlessly expand and evolve with your business, giving you the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and the highest return on investment (ROI) over the life of the tester.