Self Centering Isolation and Test Tool  – SCIT

Patented Technology

Vital uses patented double block and bleed technology to achieve isolation and a positive barrier that is not only safe but verified by monitoring the pressure on the seal and behind the tool.

  • Vital’s proprietary technology provides a stronger and more reliable seal
  • Hydrodynamic capabilities keeps process piping cool for post weld heat treat
  • Safely weld on hydrocarbon lines with the peace of mind of a positive isolation
  • Test just the weld with relative ease up to 5000 PSIG

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Double Block and Bleed Technology

Double block and bleed technology assures vapour-free isolation for hot work. Vapour is vented to a safe area, eliminating back pressure build-up. Achieve a positive hydrostatic barrier verified by pressure monitoring. You’ll also see significant water savings — less than one litre of medium is required for a 24″ test. The interchangeable seals can accommodate multiple schedules.


Vital’s self-centring mechanism creates an operator-friendly experience and a consistent leak-free seal.

  • Minimal training as no specific bolt pattern is required
  • Cost-effective replaceable seals are schedule-specific

Fewer Tools to Manage

Compared to its competitors, Vital tools allow you to use fewer tools as all tools are Combination Isolation and Test Tools that accommodate multi-schedules via swapping out seals. The slim and lightweight design means no crane is required for any size.


Elbow and Tee Applications

  • Slim design capable of elbow and tee applications (6″ and above)
  • Able to test mismatched schedules

Why You Need Vital’s Isolation and Test Tool

Vital’s focus was to create a safe tool with all-around ease of use. The Vital Isolation and Test Tool is the lightest tool on the market — no crane is required for any size.

  • Self-centering
  • Combination Isolation and Test Tool — fewer tools required
  • Multi-Schedule tools
  • lightweight — no crane required
  • Slim design capable of going into Elbows and around TEEs (6″ and up)
  • High pressures capabilities
  • Hydrodynamic capabilities for heat treating
  • Able to test mismatched schedules
  • Cost-effective seal replacement
  • User-friendly experience
  • Minimal training required

Give Yourself an Advantage with Vital Tools

Multi-schedule seals make it easy to install the tool correctly.

Minimal training needed to assemble and operate the tool.

Increase the productivity of your crews and eliminate the hassle of dealing with subcontractors.

Light, Slim, and Versatile Design
No crane required, able to mount in elbows and tees, and able to test mismatched schedules.

Safe Hydrostatic Seal
Hydrocarbon can’t migrate past three proven seals.

Water Conservation
Eliminate or reduce water consumption and treatment when performing a hydrotest on a weld. No need to perform a conventional hydrotest.

Fewer Tools To Manage
All tools are Combination Isolation and Test Tools that cover multiple schedules.

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