Our tools each specifically designed to provide an easier, safer and more cost effective solution than any other tool available today. The patented technology in our tools will save you time and money, reducing waste in time, materials and training, as well as limiting environmental hazards and waste.

We provide 24/7 service of all our equipment in most situations, including for our Equipment Rental partners, so our tools are ready to go when your customers need them. We offer training for all our equipment.

petrochemical industry, petrochemical maintenance


Our Self Centering Isolation and Test Tools offer the easiest most cost effective solution available today.




Our innovative new blind allows provides environmental protections with the ability to purge hydrocarbon fluids with limited spillage.

petrochemical industry, petrochemical maintenance


These new tools provide a safe, easy to use solution for testing pressure nozzles and relief valves.

Flange Weld Test

Easy to use solution for testing the flange weld only and not the whole pipeline

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