• Tool is designed to be used several time before needed replacement.
  • No damage or alterations to the vessels during or after testing.
  • Test single nozzle pressure without pressurizing the entire vessel.
  • Standard for 150 and 300lb flanges with custom options available
pipeline hydrostatic testing, hydrostatic weld testing

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Save Time and Money

Increase the productivity of onsite crews by eliminating the time, cost and scheduling of subcontractors. Vital Tools’ user friendly Nozzle testers are simple to use with minimal training. The tool isolates the nozzle from the vessel, without plate welds, drastically reducing testing time. Eliminating the need remove plates and grid vessel walls further increases the overall speed of hydrotests, without damaging or altering the vessel.

Why You Need Vital’s Nozzle Test Tool

Vital’s focus was to create a safe tool with all-around ease of use.

  • End cap can be used across several flange ratings
  • Re-usable
  • No need to fill entire vessel
  • No grinding and plate removal
  • Safe. No dependence on plate welds
  • Customized end cap radius options
  • Endcaps can be modified into multiple pieces for easy entry into vessel
    Easy to use with minimal training
pipeline hydrostatic testing, hydrostatic weld testing
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