Our Company
Vital Industrial Solutions is a Canadian owned and operated technology company based in Sarnia, Ontario. Our management team has extensive hands-on experience in refinery and petrochemical field applications. We are relentlessly passionate about research, design, and custom manufacturing.

This means increased cost savings, reduction in water usage, and enhanced safety.

Our Products 

Our mission is to introduce new, innovative technologies that enhance safety and efficiency to petrochemical facilities and power plants across the globe. Our patented tools include:

petrochemical industry, petrochemical maintenance

Our Self-Centering Isolation and Test (SCIT) Tool , which will change the way you perform pipe alterations and tie-ins.

petrochemical industry, petrochemical maintenance

Our new “Envirospade” blind tool, offering a unique purge valve that virtually eliminates petrochemical spills during isolation.

petrochemical industry, petrochemical maintenance

Our Nozzle Testers , a version of our SCIT tools designed specifically for pipe nozzles.

Our Team

Our team has vast experience in the oil and gas, petrochemical and power plant industries. From our engineers to our sales team and every one in between, we are passionate about designing and supplying faster, safer, more cost effective tools to our clients around the world.

Doug Hatch President

Doug Hatch

President and CEO

Doug has been with Vital Tools since 2016 and holds a B.A. (Economics), B.B.A. (General Business), M.B.A (Finance), College Certificate in Contract Negotiation, College Certificate in Project Management.

Doug helps Vital’s customers achieve success on their maintenance and turnaround projects. He support their great team by providing them with the resources necessary to perform to their full potential and takes full responsibility for the financial performance of Vital.

Doug’s previous work experience includes:

    • 7 Years for a large oil& gas producer in Calgary AB as the New Ventures Development Specialist
    • 3 years in Mississauga ON as Manager of the Canadian division of a construction company with a focus on large scale wind farm development
    • 3 years in Sarnia ON as President of a high-pressure specialty gas distribution centre with a focus on the petrochemical industry.

Outside of work Doug enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, the outdoors, squash (and most other sports), and getting outside of his comfort zone!

“I like to meet and help interesting people achieve success, get involved with cutting edge projects, develop internal talent, travel to exciting places, and participate in the entire product development process from R&D through to sales and rental”

Steve Rothman

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Steve has been with Vital since its inception in 2015. Steve is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the University of Toronto.

As the CFO of the company, Steve is responsible for the accurate and timely preparation of financial reports and analyses, banking and funding of our operations, tax planning and compliance, risk management, all administrative functions and assisting the CEO with organizational structure and, development and execution of the strategic direction of the company.

Steve has held senior finance and management positions with companies involved in real estate development and management, healthcare and provision of services and industrial equipment to the petrochemical industry.

Outside of work Steve enjoys spending time with my family and friends, playing golf and travelling.

“I enjoy being part of a senior management team where I am involved in formulating decisions that impact most aspects of the business.  In particular, I enjoy working with like-minded individuals who are interested in making the company successful.  My greatest satisfaction comes from building a company from scratch into a global success story. “

Mike Fewster

Mike Fewster

Corporate Controller

Mike has been with Vital since July, 2021 and has a degree in Business Administration from Ryerson University. Mike is responsible for the financial functions and controls across the organization. Insuring accurate and timely reporting for financial statements and related schedules.  Outside of work Mike enjoys music, sports and exploring nature.

Mike’s previous work experience includes:

Automotive manufacturing for 17 years

    • Plant Accountant
    • Project Accountant
    • Cost Accountant
    • Material Supply Manager
    • Financial Analysis Manager
    • Assistant Controller, Controller.

Manufacturing for 7 years

    • Financial Analysis And Planning Leader
    • Senior Costing Analyst
    • Senior Accountant
    • Controller
    • Corporate Controller

“Vital has huge growth potential, and I like doing whatever I can to contribute to that.”

Ryan Archer

Shop and Production Manager

Ryan started working at Vital in 2022.  As the Shop and Production manager Ryan is tasked with working with my team and  vendors/suppliers to meet Vital Tool’s customers’ demands in a timely manner.

Ryan’s previous work experience includes 25 years managing teams that develop, build and run Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs.:

Outside of work Ryan spends the summer months enjoying time with family and friends at his trailer in Northern Ontario. He also enjoys spending time in his Shop creating and fabricating unique and one off things.

“I like the challenges that tomorrow wont be the same as yesterday. I have a great group that I work with, each with different back grounds that together make things happen.”

Jody Minaker

Jody Minaker

Operations Manager

Jody has been with Vital since 2016, has 40 years experience in the manufacturing industry and is involved in all facets of the daily operations at Vital Tools. His certifications and education include:

    • Mohawk College, Certified Level II MPI and LPI Level I,
    • RT, UT Inspection. (Ottawa Atomic Energy Control Board)
    • CWB position welding W47.1 certified.
    • Certified Excavator/Backhoe Operator
    • H2S Alive certified
    • Supervisor awareness training program.
    • Metallurgy training
    • Class AZ/DZ Licensed,

Jody’s previous work experience includes:

    • Non-Destructive Testing(NDT)
    • Welding/Pipefitter
    • STT welding instructor
    • New Business Development Manager
    • Packaged Gases Manager
    • Project management

Outside of work Jody enjoys spending time with his family, taking in sports, riding motorcycles and boating.

“A am passionate about setting ourselves apart by providing the best customer service and quality workmanship both with our tooling and our field service.”

Debbie Andrews

Dayle Purves

Shipping and Logistics

Dayle started with Vital Tools in 2021 and has a Bachelor’s Degree, Health and Safety Training, and First Aid Training. Dayle handles shipping and receiving at Vital and has previous experience managing a lumber yard.

Outside of work Dayle enjoys spending time with friends & family, reading and watching movies.

“Even though I’m very new to the shipping & receiving world, I can already tell it will be a very challenging and fulfilling position. I’m excited to be able to put my problem-solving and critical thinking skills to the test.”

Ashiq Salam

Systems and Inventory Manager

Ashiq has been with Vital since March, 2021 and has a Bachelor in Technology, Post Graduation Diploma in Project Management. Ashiq is responsible for purchasing, accounts receivables and inventory.

Ashiq’s previous work experience includes:

    • Sales Associate – Walmart
    • Assistant Manager – Electrical Hardware Sales

Outside of work Ashiq enjoys playing games.

“I enjoy the responsibility my job gives me and the satisfaction of getting things done correctly and on time.”

Heath Grossi

Regional Manager U.S

Heath has been with Vital since 2019 and manages Sales for 3 locations.  Heath has training in ASME bolting , Ultra Sonics, Machining School ABC Trade School as well as work towards a Business Management Degree at Sowela Tech College.

Heath’s previous work experiences include

  • Machinist 2000-2010
  • U.S Specialty service manager 2010-2013
  • V.P of operations 2013 – 2018

Outside of work Heath enjoys deer hunting with his son and father.

“I have always enjoyed opening companies or service lines from the start ,I have done it with 3 different companies and those companies are still successful and growing every year.  I like the fact at Vital I have the opportunity to open new locations and continue growing the company.”

John May

Sulphur Shop Manager

John has been with Vital since 2019 and manages the Sulphur Shop, John’s duties include Managing the shop staff, servicing and repairing equipment, quotes, orders and maintenance.

John’s previous work experiences includes

  • Assistant Tech
  • Tech
  • Field Supervisor
  • Turnaround Coordinator
  • Operation Manager
  • Shop Manager

Outside of work John enjoys riding his side-by-side, building and fixing things around the home as well as automotive repair.

“I enjoy the variety of task any given day can bring, Learning how to take apart and repair new equipment. I am an out of the box thinker so I enjoy making things work when most say it cannot be done. There is often another solution people cant see.”

Jimmy Nguyen

Sales/Ops Mg. Corpus Christi Region

Jimmy started at Vital in 2021 and manages the Corpus Christi Sales Region. In his duties he is responsible for business development in the Corpus region and upkeep of daily duties in the local office.

Jimmy’s previous work experiences includes:
Operations Manager for Carber
SPX Flow in the Petrochemical/Industrial

  • Outside of work Jimmy loves golfing and fishing.

“It challenges me to think outside the box to develop and gain market share in this area. I believe that when you are up front and honest towards a customer, they will respect that more.”

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